Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The crappiest sign of all

Where's my pooper scooper?
Toronto, ON
June 2010
About this photo: We're slowly saying goodbye to Thematic Photographic's signs theme. I'm stretching things a bit with this one, only because I laughed out loud when I first saw it. If you've got a sign you'd like to share, it's not too late to go here and do just that. New theme hits the site later tonight.
I often like to play the contrarian. I take few things at face value, and never miss an opportunity to question why things are the way they are.

Which is why this sign brings me such joy. I can see both sides of the issue: As a homeowner, I appreciate signs like this. I hate having scofflaw dog owners litter my lawn with ickies simply because they were too lazy or inconsiderate to clean up after their pets. As a dog owner, I want to do my part to treat my neighbors with respect and kindness. I don't want their dog's poo (thanks, Mike Rowe) on my lawn any more than they want my dog's in return.

But upon seeing this sign, the hooligan in me zeroed in on the Mack Truck-sized gap in this argument. Namely, that the bylaw specifically mentions pet excrements (gotta love that word) but says nothing about the human variety. I wish I could be around - with a camera, of course - on the day that someone decided to test the theory.

(No worries, though, as it wouldn't be me. My wife wouldn't be pleased.)

Your turn: With signs - and polite ones, at that - all around us, why do folks still not clean up after their dogs? Let's wonder together, shall we?


Trudy said...

Personally, I'd rather remove the excrement left by my pet, than remove excrement from pet.

NJ said...

Very punny carmi! Why don't they just say poop and scoop.

Anonymous said...


"Pick up after your pet" probably would have been a clearer message.

I never get out to take a pic of the sign I was going to use. Out of sight, out of mind?

kenju said...

I agree with Trudy! LOL

Have you seen Farrago's sign?

Anonymous said...

Funny though as kcinnova said it's better if they chose a less complicated sentence.

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

laughed so much

thank you :)

srp said...

I am trying to figure out how they will tell (without seeing the crime happen) who's poo it is. And what about a dog walker... it isn't his pet really? That $2000 is a stiff fine.

My favorite absurd sign is the one in NYC that says "Horn Free Zone... violations $500 fine". NEW YORK CITY?! RIGHT!!