Sunday, July 18, 2010

Temporarily defying gravity

Delray Beach, FL
December 2009
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I'll apologize now for stretching things a little. I realize a picture shot in the northern hemisphere in December doesn't necessarily qualify as summer. But anytime we're privileged enough to remove our kids from the icy grip of winter and let them cut loose in 30-plus-Celsius sunny warmth, I'm willing to call it "summer" and leave it at that.

Whatever season we call it, few things make me smile more than watching our kids be themselves. And in this fleeting moment, Noah is doing just that. He's a dive-into-it-with-all-your-heart kind of kid who wears it on his sleeve and on his face. He has an energy in him that can't help but be contagious, and every time I look at this picture, I think about the lessons a nine-year-old munchkin can teach us all about enjoying the moment.

Your turn: What does "in the moment" mean to you?


Anonymous said...

I love shots like this!
I've posted one here.

Anonymous said...

Carmi, the post I just commented about has been bumped in the queue. It will be up on Tuesday morning, and there is an additional picture scheduled for Wednesday morning.