Saturday, July 24, 2010

The blue flame

Waiting for the pot to boil
London, ON, July 2010

Despite my illogical fear of all things powered by natural gas - our furnace uses it, and it freaks me out every time I head down to the basement - I'm still game to record its existence in some way whenever the opportunity presents itself. So many thanks to our ever-understanding friend who, while we were all chatting in her kitchen recently, turned around to see me hovering over and around her natural gas stove. She didn't ask what I was up to: She just knew.

I like this photo because it reminds me of that neat little warm feeling you get when you hang around good folks. If the stars align, hopefully that glowing light of connectedness will continue to shine for us all.

Your turn: Flame. What's the appeal?

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Twain12 said...

this picture is awesome but over all i fear fire although i like to sit around a campfire as much as the next person. Of course fire advanced us human beings greatly but last week i was reminded again of it's destructiveness after a very good friend lost his house to a fire.

Mark said...

Could have used a little fill flash here.

Just kidding. I love fire, and good photos of it. This one is no exception.

Levonne said...

I really like the soft blue edges in this photo. Lovely, peaceful. Flames - so great to stare into.

Mojo said...

I think it's the elemental nature of fire that makes us so enamored of it. That and it has quite literally made us -- as a species -- who/what we are. There's a primordial attraction to it tens of millions of years in the making. I suspect the same is true of water and our affinity for that.

I can tell you for sure that I have an affinity for this photo. I'd say it's "very cool" except that it's... well, fire.