Monday, August 09, 2010

Fire in the sky

Arva, ON
July 2010
[Click photo to embiggen]

As much as photography can be used to capture the obvious, I've always been more focused on its ability to freeze moments that would otherwise remain invisible.

To wit, this longish exposure during a Canada Day fireworks display (see here for original entry.) Wow moments like this reinforce why I carry my camera with me wherever I go. Because life slips by fast enough, and I don't trust my eyes to remember it all on my behalf.

Your turn: I've often wondered why we seem to be so universally drawn to fireworks. But I can't quite put my finger on it. Can you?

One more thing: Head this way for more Thematic Photographic orange-ish fun.


Mojo said...

I don't know why we're so drawn to them either, except perhaps that in the more primitive part of our brains they represent light among the darkness. The Hindu festival of Diwali takes place on the new moon (lunar calendar, so it moves around some but generally in October/November -- the point being that it's the darkest it's going to get) and fireworks factor heavily into the celebrations as they represent the victory of light over darkness (specifically the victory of Ram over Ravana, but that's going down a whole other road).

My personal love affair with them -- especially as a photographic subject -- is well documented. Though I'm not sure my reasons aren't much more prosaic.

Anne said...

If we had fireworks everyday, they'd be mundane, but we don't—they signify something special and used on special occasions so they are rare and delightful. I love them but my autistic son can't stand the noise he associates with them.

I was on a flight once landing in DC on July 4th late in the evening. I could see out my window many displays below, it's a very different perspective.

guppyman said...

Why we love fireworks? Loud and explosive! That is just a great combo!!! BOOM!!!! Love it!

How about some ground effects?