Friday, August 20, 2010

Where I write about smartphones for a really big & cool newspaper

I've had quite a good day in a journalistic sense. My first article was published by The Toronto Star. The piece is entitled Can staid BlackBerry survive the smartphone wars? and in it, I explore the prospects for the device and the company that makes it, Research In Motion. Mobile users can find it here.

I'm more than a little jazzed by this, as it represents another step along a path I've been following for years. I will share additional happies from my tech journalistic quest in the weeks and months to come.

For now, if anyone lives in the Toronto area and has access to a paper copy of the paper, can I ask that you hold onto it and possibly take a photo of or scan the article for me? It'll be published in papyrus-based form tomorrow (Saturday, the 21st).

Your turn: So what else should I write about? I'm all ears if you've got suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Hey, write about sex! I'm sure there must be tech improvements in the area that the general population is unaware of. You can shed the light for us! ;)

Anna Foat - Sales Representative said...

Carmi - very fair article...if you ever want to connect, just reach out cay?

Post on a Saturday morning from my BB

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned we are constantly being ripped-off as wireless customers. How about an article about all the way to manipulate the system.

I've got a couple of hints if you'd like.