Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flowers ate my kitchen table

Red petal glory
London, ON, February 2009

[Click photo to enlarge. Click here for Thematic Photographic - Floral]

If you ask my wife, I don't bring flowers home nearly as often as I should. She's right. She deserves more frequent, tangible expressions of how I feel about her. It's never enough to assume your partner just knows: You've got to be obvious about it in obvious ways - like bringing flowers home just because you felt like it - as well as less obvious ones. At once, it's a subtle and none-too-subtle form of non-verbal communication that way too many people seem to misunderstand. Or not understand entirely.

When I do bring flowers home, I try my best to capture them in their pre-tossed-into-the-garbage state. They're perfect for such a brief amount of time that you either commit them to memory immediately or lose their loveliness forever. And since our south-facing kitchen gives us such perfect morning sun, it's common for me to interrupt breakfast for a quick floral-themed (or jam, or...) photo session.

There's method to my madness, as it's difficult for my wife to shut me down when the subject matter is a bouquet I brought home for her. At least that's the way my ham-fisted man's logic sees it.

Your turn: Why are gifts of flowers so important to so many? (Note: this question is targeted at folks of any gender.)


CorvusCorax12 said...

OH a Gerbera...what a beautiful perfect looking flower. Normal i'm a wildflower kind of girl but i have a thing fer Gerberas .

Anonymous said...

My husband is the one who cares for the flowers in the yard, and he is the one who brings them in and arranges them in a vase.
I think flowers speak to our hearts because they are a gift of beauty.

Unknown said...

The process of buying or preparing gifts gets you out of yourself and into someone else. A good way to move beyond petty stuff in relationships.

fredamans said...

I think flowers are just a nice way to show someone you care, male or female. I have been known to buy my hubby flowers, just as he buys them for me quite frequently.

Beautiful Gerbera Daisies!

Here is a submission for a shadow shot I did, but it is flowers;

Sorry I'm not tech-savvy enough to html that link.

MorahMommy said...

We often buy flowers or plants for each other. The flowers were beautiful when you brought them home and exquisite in this photo.

There's just something about receiving/giving flowers. It's a "I was thinking of you" moment. As you already know pink or mauve tulips are my favourite, but anything you bring home brings a smile to my face.


Mojo said...

(insert low whistle here).

Awesome shot Carmi. I'm speechless. (rare, I know.)

Scarlet said...

I'm not really sure why flowers are so important (I'll have to give that some thought), but they are nice to receive.

Rather than bringing cut flowers home, my Pa used to bring my Nanna potplants so that she could enjoy their blooms over and over again.

African violets, roses, orchids, succulents... They all made a longer lasting impression (and seemed to buy a greater level of forgiveness) than cut blooms, which fade quickly.

That said, a month or two ago a gentleman sent me a dozen red roses as part of the human mating ritual and to say thanks for a lovely weekend. I'd never been given red roses before. They were beautiful, and I was stoked!