Thursday, August 19, 2010

Intel buys McAfee. Tech world agog.

Okay, so the tech world will continue to spin following Intel's $7.7 billion cash (!) deal to buy security vendor McAfee. But it is a neat inflection point all the same.

I call it the beginning of the Security-on-Silicon era, and despite the fact that the average Best Buy customer usually doesn't give deals like this a second thought, this is one event that, more than any other this year, will have a tremendous influence on the technology we all use in the years to come.

My $0.02. What's yours?

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Dennis Meharchand said...

Valt.X Technologies of Toronto - - has already developed the needed silicon technology and owns the patents in this area. What Intel has bought is a Sales and Marketing organization - everyone knows that McAfee's "Technology" is Crap.