Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Airport shooting

Please don't turn around
Minneapolis, MN, February 2011
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There comes a point in every photographer's life when lines are crossed, and I'm pretty sure I hit that point in the Minneapolis airport. I don't know what possessed me to shoot these two information kiosk attendants from behind. I was sure one of them was going to spin around on one of those fully movable office chairs and give me a talking to.

I realize Minnesotans are very friendly people, and I may have gotten an invitation to a canasta game, instead. But I nevertheless felt more than a little hooligan-ish as I took this.

They never had any clue. Unless they surreptitiously read Written Inc. In which case I believe they may very well have begun plotting their revenge for the next time I come to town.

I've really got to find a new hobby.

Your turn: A lifetime ago, my mother taught me to people-watch in public places. These days, I clearly - and not-too-advisedly - do it with a lens. Do you? What's your most interesting people-watching experience?


srp said...

I would have to say the one of the bride being photographed in the botanical garden and I snapped a candid picture from behind... her glorious glowing white gown against the background of the dark green and deep red climbing roses that were covering the stone wall in front of her. I do think her photographer should have gotten a shot exactly like the one I did. If not, she was gipped! ;)

larkswing said...

...hmmm, there could be several. I had a chance to visit in NYC a few years ago. We were taken to China Town, and as we started down one street all these people were opening suitcases full of cd's or belts or wallets, etc. I tried to snap a picture of the lined up street peddlers but one of them kept eyeing me (not very nicely) so I snapped a couple crooked photos instead.

colleen said...

I remember taking pictures of people from behind walking the beach and thinking it was a little cowardly, like shooting someone in the back! But I still do it. I am shy when they see me. I just love to document and follow my eye.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy watching people at the line up for a race. The broad spectrum of racers from every walk of life, the jitters, the authenticity of everyone's hopes and fears... it makes for fascinating moments.

Unfortunately, I'm usually not carrying my camera when racing. Once in while, my husband catches a few shots of the madness and I relive the whole experience just looking at the photos.

Pamela said...

some time ago I was grocery shopping and a woman coming from the other direction was wearing a sloppy worn t-shirt with some hideous picture and self deprecating slogan. My eyes were just drawn there as was my daughters. She saw us looking and angrily put up her arms and said, "What are you guys staring at?" I was so taken back I said "nothing."

I guess that may have been the truth.