Thursday, April 21, 2011

A tree of a different color

I thought I'd wrap up the tree theme with a somewhat different interpretation of the word. Even if it's made of steel and has as much to do with nature as Donald Trump does with good taste, we'd be living in the dark without it. So I figure it's still worth a moment of our time. Or, in this case, a moment of my BlackBerry's time.

Industrial fixtures like these dot the landscape, and I'm the first to admit I don't want anything like this remotely near my backyard. Most of us consciously shove stuff like this into our subconscious, ignoring it as we go through the day-to-day paces of our lives.

But threatening and post-industrial don't necessarily mean not worthy of a picture or two. Imagine what we'd see if we paid a little more attention to the forgotten - and sometimes rather large - puzzle pieces around us.

Your turn: What's another forgotten-but-still-potentially-compelling object? What makes it worth sharing? (And, yes, that's a hint to do just that. I'm sneaky that way.)

One more thing: New Thematic launches tomorrow (Friday) at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. I'll drop a hint in the morning.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Keeping w/the tree theme. How about the windmills that generate energy from the wind? Palm Springs started out w/them back 40 years ago, now it seems every inch is dotted w/those.. A few years ago I witnessed the growth- quite impressive and scary at the same time...

Anonymous said...

I like Kalei's BF thought on windmills... I conjured thoughts along the same lines; one can fly over vast stretches of this continent and see rows and rows of windmills stretching across the landscape much the same way trees once did.