Monday, April 11, 2011

Windows by the pool

Microsoft Office
Delray Beach, FL, December 2010

The scene: It's 5:29 p.m. I've just filed a piece to my editor back home and am enjoying the view of the not-so-little folks in the pool (that's munchkin-the-elder making sure I'm still conscious of the fact that I am, actually, on vacation.)

My netbook (it runs Windows XP...a not-so-subtle reference to this week's Thematic theme) is sipping the Internet through an open WiFi access point. Thanks to the kind folks who decided to generously bathe the deck in wireless goodness, I'm as connected here as I am anywhere. Technology is indeed a wonderful thing: As long as the battery holds out. And as long as I remember when to shut it all off.

Which I do shortly after taking this picture. Because having the ability to work from anywhere also comes with a flip side: Knowing when to close the lid and call it a day.

Your turn: How do you set boundaries between mobile technology and your day-to-day home life?


Anonymous said...

I shut it all down and turn it off on Friday afternoons. I have no landline and simply don't answer my cell phone unless it's family or friends calling (and sometimes not even then). I don't generally respond to (or check emails) and am usually far enough off the grid that there is no signal available.

My sanity is tied to solitude, to being able to reconnect with my family and myself after the work week ends.

Admittedly, my solution is pretty extreme. It works for me, though.

Kavi said...

As long as the battery holds out ! Applies to machines. Applies to us. Applies everywhere !


Jelena said...

I love Titanium's philosophy. It sounds ideal, but I know I probably wouldn't be able to do it. At least not to that degree.
A lot of the stuff I fill my spare time with is (unfortunately) tied into computers and gadgets. Surfing the net and watching shows have become habitual ways of unwinding. The thing is, I rarely feel 'unwound' after the weekend is over unless I've done something creative or been in nature - which is too rare.
Your QOTD has really prompted me to reflect on this and it kind of makes me want to consciously make an effort to *connect* more in my free time. To nature, to myself, to the silence, to the important people in my life.

21 Wits said...

Now I truly enjoy this Carmi as first you see the beautiful reflection of windows but oh there is so much more going on here even past the laptop.......bringing forth the goggles and shades is an awesome entry for windows!
Your photo felt like Hidden pictures in High Life Magazine!

Unknown said...

I have just discovered how I can read blogs more quickly using Google Reader. And still I don't like the amount of time I put into creating. I want to do it less. That means that I need to let go of the techno stuff a bit more. I make lists and prioritize. Today I find I am ignoring the list.

Unknown said...

Believe it or not, I have not traveled with my current lap top. My cell is very basic so I do not text. But I must say that I love Delray Beach alot and hope you get a chance to have dinner at Bostons! :)