Sunday, April 24, 2011

Canada votes. Will you?

I've been asked to participate in a fascinating media initiative, and as the pieces begin to pull together, I'll share the details with you here.

First off, if you're Canadian, you're no doubt getting ready for our big federal election on Monday, May 2. That's a week from tomorrow. A blink, really.

Our city's main television station is known as /A\, and is owned by Canada's largest private broadcast network, CTV. As part of its election night coverage, the station is using its satellite studio at our downtown market building to set up an Internet Cafe. We'll be a team of social media-aware members of the community, reaching out to voters in London and the general region to find out what's happening election night.

It's an exciting initiative that aims to bridge the gap between social/new and conventional media. There's no question that how we vote, and how we communicate around the vote, is being rapidly reshaped by the influence of social media. Our Internet Cafe team will be live from Covent Garden Market on election night to better understand just how profound those changes are. Should be fun.

If you're anywhere near southwestern Ontario, here's how to find us:

Twitter: Follow @atvnewslondon
Facebook: Like the "Canada Votes" page
Tumblr: Subscribe to our team's microblog at
/A\ London: Look to the station's homepage, for updates

Your turn: If you're Canadian, who do you think will come out on top on election night? Why? If you're not Canadian, why do elections matter?


Shirley said...

I've already voted and am working the polls May 2! It'll be interesting to be a part of the process.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Elections matter because they reflect our opinion or lack of opinion... They also have a bearing on our kids and the future...

RSF said...

The government has been a whack since Paul Martin's minority government. We just need to pull together a majority government to fix the mess that has been created!

Go out and vote on May 2nd. Last vote there was a 58% voter turn out...

CorvusCorax12 said...

already voted .... Hoping for the best and expecting the worse..I'll leave it at that.

darlin said...

My thoughts...why is there being massive amounts of money spent on yet another election when we have homeless people and starving children in Canada? Couldn't our tax dollars be spent on giving back to the social systems which are desperately needed instead of another embarrassing public fight- ooops I mean election.

Will I vote? Yes I'll vote. Will it matter in the big picture? Most likely not one iota and those I talk to here in Western Alberta pretty much feel the same way... sad isn't it?

Dana said...

FUN Carmi! I'll follow along!

I am amazed this election caught fire! One little statistic sound bite by Jack and kaboom! Like kerosene! You just knew it as soon as he breathed out the words on Iggy's attendance.

Don't know how it will unfold. In fact, I am still unsure who I will be voting for. I have no strong affinity to any of them, and I follow this stuff pretty closely.

My hope is that we end up with a minority government so ALL of them will be forced to step down and we can begin with a fresh bunch with vision, energy and the capacity to connect with the people who call this place home.