Thursday, June 02, 2011

Published in the New York Times? Not really.

One of the neat things about writing is you never know where your words will end up. Blogging, in particular, seems to add another dimension to the proceedings, as the various intersecting and overlapping technologies that govern life on the Interwebs can often snag your work and fling it over to some fascinating places.

Like today, when I noticed a blip in traffic from the New York Times. I followed the link home and found this page. Some bot or similarly automated snippet of code had dug up yesterday's entry - Because planes don't just fall from the sky - on Air France Flight 447 and tossed it into a roster of links alongside pieces from CNN, Salon and Business Week (and, to make sure my head still fits through the door, The Cranky Flier, The Scotsman and The Daily Irrelevant.)

So I'm not about to go bragging about my great big break. Life isn't about the big breaks, after all. It's about laying the groundwork, small break by small break, for whatever goodness eventually gets built on top. And in the absence of a contract from the Grey Lady herself, a random pickup like this will get added to the slowly growing pile of neat things that have happened to me since I decided to pursue a writing career.

Your turn: Do you write? How has it jazzed your life?


Alexia said...

Good for you! Maybe there's a contract in the mail (snail?)
I enjoyed reading the article, too

Yvonne said...

Ha! That's awesome! I write every day. Sometimes I will put on my blog and somemtimes it will just go in my "Big Break" folder. I've been writting since I was about 15 years old. Seeing my name in print and then having colleagues, friends, family, complete strangers compliment me and my writing, makes my heart swell!

Mustang Sally said...

That's too cool Carmi!

Sometimes I write poems. Mostly when feeling get too intense and I need to express them but can't find the words to talk about it. I write them for me.

Before I ever thought about blogging I used to belong to a message board and one day someone convinced me to share some of them.

The reaction to them was SOO surprising to me, but it seems they touched others who then shared some of their own stories. It was so COOL to be able to reach somebody emotionally that way.

Now with the blog, when I can touch someone, make them smile perhaps even laugh ... that's just a great feeling.