Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When the mail stops flowing

Ooh, just heard that Canada Post, which has been hit by rotating, city-by-city strikes as it tries - and apparently fails - to negotiate a new deal with its unionized workers, has locked its workers out and is suspending service across the country.

That's right, folks: No mail.

Don't get me started on how badly both sides need to reset their expectations in light of a drastically changed world. The days of uber-well-paid letter carriers who can easily coast from high school to retirement to huge pension are long gone. Reality dictates a reboot not just in Canada, but among postal systems around the world.

One wonders if the leaders on either side truly appreciate this. Probably not.

Your turn: Do you still do snail mail?


Mustang Sally said...

Other than occasional birthday cards, or Mother's and Father's Day cards to my parents(who get all insulted at an e-greeting), no. I pay bills online. It's faster, and there's comfort in the knowledge it GETS there when it's supposed to.

It still has it's uses but it not the necessary thing it once was.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Most of our bills are paid online and we were warned to stay on top of them because of the looming strike.

I don't do much snail mail, save the holidays and certain events that require snail mail like packages and cards.

But you know, unions are notorious for strikes just when things get nice out. Fair weather groups go on strike.

During the winter they wait until things get really dicey on the streets and sidewalks before they decide to strike, here in Montreal.

It seems strikes come up at the times when they will impact the people the most.

It may be a bleak summer for many and its the people who will pay for it in the end.


Sara said...

I use snail mail - although not for bills or things like that - but, I send cards to friends, do knitting and quilting swaps, so I do snail mail more than others.