Saturday, July 21, 2012

A sign full of reminders

Post no bills
Montreal, QC
July 2012

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Say hello to my lovely wife, she of limitless loveliness and goodness (really, she's lovelier than I deserve, but we'll leave that debate for another day.)

As you can see, she's patiently waiting for me to take the shot so we can continue on our walkabout. With a doof like me in tow, she has developed bottomless wells of patience over the years. Again, I don't deserve it. Again, we'll leave it aside.

Neither of us was sure why this particular street sign was plastered with parking stubs. Was it a Montreal thing? Did the Occupy protestors or student demonstrators have something to do with it? Were we being secretly filmed by the descendants of Allen Funt for a Candid Camera reboot? I suspect we'll never figure it out, but it was one of those neat mysteries you uncover only when you st your screens aside and find a new part of the planet to explore.

Your turn: What are you going to explore next?


Max Sartin said...

Probably started the same way as this shoe tree we found in the middle of Nowhere, Nevada. Started with one person being funny/lazy/civilly disobedient and then just evolved into a tradition. Whatever way, I love those quirky little things you see here and there.

Vicki said...

There is a "Shoe tree" along the highway in the mountains of Arizona. If we had gone that way twice ... I would have stopped to take a photo. Don't you wonder how many people really notice those type of things ... and how many never ever notice?

mmp said...

.....the bottom of my ironing basket...