Monday, July 16, 2012

The Malibu Under the Sea

 I'd like to round out this week's transportation theme with a couple of shots I grabbed in the middle of a sunny parking lot over lunch with colleagues. The vehicle is as conservative as they come - a Chevrolet Malibu, a sensible, efficient family sedan. The wrap that this particular example was sporting, ostensibly for some kind of promotion, was anything but.

It reminded me of a mixture of Return to Atlantis and some warped Disney-esque tribute. And it stopped us in our tracks.

The funny thing about this car is that we couldn't figure out what it was advertising. It looked like some sort of booze, the kind of thing that one would expect to troll the streets of a university/college town like ours all summer long. But there wasn't an identifiable logo, an aha-type graphic that would prompt us to pull out our smartphones and email the company for being so brilliant.

As it was, the concept was brilliant. The marketing execution? Less so. Still, it was delightful. Anytime someone drives around with dolphins on the rear fascia of a vehicle, you've got to figure all is right in their world. Whoever you folks are, good on ya for breaking the mold.

New theme, orange, goes live at 7 p.m.


Lisa Shafer said...

Those sea shells look so 3-D! Wow!

Harry Cohen said...

I thought the shells were glued on until I enlarged the photo and saw they were painted!

Harry Cohen said...

I thought those were real shells glued on until I enlarged the photo and saw they were painted. (Didn't think the dolphins were real though.)