Thursday, July 12, 2012

About the frog...

When I posted this photo of a sweet frog - or is it a toad? I can never tell the difference - that scampered across my path during a meeting earlier this afternoon, it was accompanied by a couple of paragraphs of random thoughts.

Not that a hundred or so words mean a whole lot in the overall scheme of things, but I was slightly surprised when the post published as a photo only - no words in sight. I dug into every interface I could find - the app, my mail client's send folder, Gmail, the little space beside the porch under the evergreen bush where I sometimes hide randomly picked dandelions - and every reference to this blog entry was wordless. My thoughts were lost to the ages. Odd, that. Some days, technology hates me (I know, ironic given what I do for a living. But still.)

This was my first attempt at posting a photo from my iPad - first photo is actually here - and up until I hit the Publish button on the touchscreen, I was all pleased with myself at how easy it was to shoot, write, edit and upload from Apple's uber-tablet. I'm thinking I've got a bit of app-tweaking to do before we can call this thing functional.

Your turn: What do you use - hardware, software, related tools, whatever - to maintain your blog? I'm interested in seeing what tools are out there, and whether they're doing the job for you.


Max Sartin said...

I'm not very high-tech on my mobile device, when I bought my last phone and the saleswoman asked what features I wanted, my answer was "I want it to ring."
So I only blog from my desktop computer. I use Macromedia Fireworks to prepare my photos and the program Microsoft Live Writer to publish posts. I like Live Writer because it has a lot more options than the Blogger interface, especially regarding the pictures, and it gives an exact preview of the post before publishing it.

. said...

When I blog, and I hardly ever do, it's Blogger on Android (mostly) or on the Web (occasionally). Just simple stuff, though, tech tips and reminders... And just text, no widgets, if you can believe that.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Speaking as a person who still hasn't gotten his first sell phone, I will stick to stuff I know about.

That's a Green Frog, Rana clamitans.