Thursday, July 26, 2012

Broken wave. Or not.

The end, for some
Delray Beach, FL
January 2012

You can look at a wave from one of two perspectives. Either it's broken, a collapsing heap of energy well on its way to oblivion, or it's a thing of beauty that exists, to the fullest extent possible, in this moment and it doesn't much matter what comes next.

I subscribe to the latter notion. It's spectacular now. It's inspirational now. It's resonant now. So may as well enjoy it in the moment that it lasts and not worry about what happens afterward. There's probably another wave on the way, anyway. In fact, it's pretty much a given.

Your turn: Waves...broken or not?

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sage said...

Broken, nah, waves break but they're not broken! :)

mikey said...

That's the very reason waves are so cool - they can't break. They are not a thing, the are the manifestation of energy in a medium (and water is a good medium). So we see the same water that might otherwise just manifest stillness as something alive, in motion, leaping and posing for a moment, the succumbing to entropy.

Energy, motion, life, entropy - joy and loss. Waves are the narrative of our life, not something that can break...

Pamela said...

Not. Just preparing for it's moment in the sand, or if it is lucky (and I am lucky) to tickle my toes and become a permanent part of my delicious memory of a day at the beach.