Monday, July 09, 2012

DNS Changer Day - It's here

Today's the day. The FBI has turned off its so-called ghost network, and the 9,000 or so remaining computers in Canada that are estimated to be infected with the DNS Changer malware will no longer be able to connect to the Internet.

Of course, those 9,000 are, in all probability, the least likely to know about DNS Changer in the first place, and the least likely to make the connection when they flip the switch. I'm guessing they're running an eight-year-old PC running Windows XP (not updated, of course) with no security software installed, and no clue that any of this is even an issue.

I wrote about it here. I was also on-air this morning with CBC News Network's Nancy Wilson (a great discussion!) and will be off and on through the day - mostly on my BlackBerry - if you have any questions.

Fun stuff, no?

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