Monday, July 22, 2013

Not all babies are royal

The world woke to news that the Duchess of Cambridge - Kate Middleton - has gone into labor and has been admitted to hospital in London. Legions of journalists who've been camped out on the sidewalk for weeks are now jostling each other for position, angling to be the first to report what is arguably the biggest news story of the year.

Forgive me for not buying into the hype. Yes, I think it's lovely that the monarchy seems to be back in vogue for folks who are into that sort of thing, and that a new baby will doubtless solidify its future. In a world where bad news travels all too quickly, it's nice to have a good-news story make the rounds for a chance.

But let's get real: it's a baby, nothing more and nothing less. And in a world where according to U.S. Census data an estimated 361,481 are born every day, that leaves 361,480 other babies born into a somewhat dimmer media firestorm. Or 251 in a minute, if you will.

If we're going to freak out over Will and Kate's impending bundle of joy, let's do so simply because they're new parents embarking on the most unpredictable life adventure imaginable, and all new parents deserve a little extra care and attention from their friends, families and admirers. While the royal couple has access to far more resources than virtually any other family, it remains a daunting challenge no matter who you are. Bringing new life into the world should be celebrated - not only for royals who garner headlines, but for so-called commoners who don't.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I agree w/you but don't u think the media is feeding on stories like this as well as others because the masses feed on it? The onous falls on both. Sad, isn't it?

Lisa Shafer said...

Well, I agree that it's a bit overdone. But, as you mentioned, it is really nice to see a positive story get a lot of attention.