Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some folks can't read

It's all about me
London, ON

April 2012
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Few things drive me nuttier than this. It doesn't matter where you are: you can always count on a lineup of indifferent drivers parking right underneath the fire route signs at local malls, schools, wherever their lazy souls decide to take them.

I've long dreamed about what might happen if, heaven forbid, an actual fire broke out. I have visions of angry firefighters plowing their fire trucks like bulldozers through the illegally parked cars as they fight their way into the blaze. I'd probably stand by and applaud, because folks who are so lazy that they can't park a few meters away in a legitimate spot deserve everything that's coming to them.

Your turn: what would you do if you came across silliness like this? (Well, aside from taking a picture.)


Unknown said...

Isn't that THE question: "What would we do?" The temptation is to drag our keys down the side of that car, but doesn't that reduce us to their level? I think the best we can do is what you have done: get it out there so we can raise awareness. Applause to you.

Here's my biggest annoyance: people that flick cigarette butts out their window as they drive!! Aaaarrrrgh!! First of all, I have this completely unrealistic fear that the burning butt will somehow leap up into my gas tank as it hurtles around in the draft of my car and I will die in the ensuing explosion. Second of all (and more importantly), what makes them think that's any less offensive or illegal than chucking an empty Happy Meal out the window? Littering is littering. Ignorance is ignorance. Selfishness is selfishness.

Pat Tillett said...

That is also one of my pet peeves! If I see the idiots, I usually say something. Every mall I know of has loading and unloading areas, these sub-humans are just lazy to use them.

Sandy said...

It's been a long time since I made the blog rounds and pondered along with you. Now I remember why I liked stopping by. I don't think I'd do anything other than perfect my disgusted stare. I do wonder at the idea of fire trucks plowing cars out of their way. I might applaud also.