Friday, July 19, 2013

Power to the people

Milton, ON
May 2013
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The temperature's been soaring all week, which when coupled with high humidity is making the region about as comfortable as a tropical forest. Except we can hang out in a Tim Hortons if we really need to.

The topic of the day, every day, is the weather. And I have to admit I rather enjoy it. If we're whining about the unbearable heat, it means the usual litany of bad news has taken a bit of a breather. And after a year of terrorist attacks, mass explosions and unspeakable criminal activity (in other words, the usual), it's nice to focus on something a little more benign for a change.

I've always enjoyed the aesthetic of high-tension hydro towers. I can't explain their appeal, but I can't resist a shot if I find myself nearby.

Your turn: Do you have any photo subjects that speak to you for reasons you cannot explain?

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