Saturday, January 11, 2014

A necessary shot of colour

One last blast
London, ON
October 2013
Thematic's faves. Here.
I looked at my camera earlier today and realized I hadn't tripped the shutter in over a month. Sure I've taken pictures with my smartphone, but the DSLR sat on my desk gathering dust.

Not good.

I realized how much I missed it. Missed the process of slinging it over my shoulder - I love the heft - and walking around the house or the neighborhood or wherever with a photographic purpose, where everything and anything is fair game, and my mind races from one scene to another, wondering how I should tell the story.

Today dawned foggy, so I headed out for a quick walk to capture some of the muted scenery before the joyous murk burned off. And after I came home and reviewed what I had captured, I realized I still had some leftover images, unprocessed, just sitting on the card.

This gloriously red scene struck me as a perfect counterpoint to the near-monochrome world I had just explored. Because sometimes we just need a little bit of color to jumpstart our souls back to where they need to be. I see more pixels in my future. What about you?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

As much as I love my Canon G15 (it goes everywhere I go), I miss having an SLR. I first got a Canon EOS 650 in mid 80s (I still have it, but it's a film camera), I'd love to get a DSLR.

Thinking about something like a used Canon EOS 50D, although they're still kind of expensive.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


How cool is this?

Catherine said...

I have only ever taken two or three pictures on my mobile, I find that I can't see the image on the screen in bright light, which we have plenty of in NZ, so it is really hard to compose the picture. I'd much rather take a real camera with me.

Catherine said...

I have only ever taken a few pictures on my mobile, as I find it is next to impossible to compose the image on screen in bright light (which we have plenty of in New Zealand). So I always take a real camera if I want to take photos.