Saturday, January 25, 2014

Someone has a drinking problem

Water, water everywhere
New York, NY
November 2013.
Thematic. Greyish. Here.
I'm keenly aware that our planet is being overrun with plastic. The Pacific Ocean is filling up with it. And the same people who protest retail and grocery stores that still distribute plastic bags are the same folks who hold plastic, one-time-use water bottles like security blankets as they retreat back to their SUVs and drive back to suburbia.

It's a complex world, and nothing is ever black and white. But that doesn't mean a pile of water bottles can't offer up a worthwhile scene on a cold autumn night on the edge of Times Square.

Half of me wanted the shot. The other half of me just wanted to see how New Yorkers reacted to some guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk taking a picture of water bottles.

Your turn: What do you see in this shot?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I had seen on the news how those small plastic water bottles will be banned from recycling for money... wonder how that's going to sit w/the folks who rely on those for their income.

Theresa said...

The water bottles are great to have on hand for an emergency, like broken water pipes or temporary issues, like brown water. More schools, businesses and city facilities should adapt water fountains to include refilling water bottles. Raising public awareness and offering convenient hydration stations could go a long way.

What I see in your picture is hope through the prisms created by water and light.