Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mobile office, New York style

Is this ergonomic?
New York, NY
November 2013
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Apologies for the downscale tone of this entry. All of our kids have been sick for much of the last week. Today, apparently, it became my turn. Yay fun! Head here for more Thematic goodness. Because I'll feel better if y'all are out there enjoying yourselves.
Whenever I go for a walk in virtually any city, I'm used to seeing all sorts of garbage sitting on the sidewalk. People are, for lack of a better term, pigs. They probably figure it's easier and more convenient for them to dump their stuff anywhere than it might be to properly dispose of it or, gasp, recycle it.

I hate to say that I've become immune to it. Sad.

Regardless, I'm not above grabbing a quick shot of a particularly interesting scene, and this one seemed, I don't know, so appropriate given where it was taken. I'm almost tempted to ask for captions. Almost.


Cassandra Louise said...

So sad what people throw away! Even sadder when they don't actually throw it away at all, just dump it. :-(
Very interesting picture, though. An artistic scene, best of a bad situation.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

The ones who leave their stuff may be pigs but they've become that way because they know someone will always come along and pick up their discardables... so it all goes back to the dumpster divers... btw this is common practice in Hawaii... I couldn't believe how those folks are. Their streets look like a swap meet.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Now that flat screens are cheap and widely used, the old crts are just "boat anchors".

(That's what a guy at a pawn shop told me when I was trying to get rid of mine.)

Unknown said...

In my old home town, there is actually a private "junk truck" that picks up items as this CRT at dusk. He makes a few bucks, and the streets remain clean.