Friday, January 17, 2014

This is where God scraped the planet

Somewhere in Alberta, Canada
February 2013
I'm going to violate the terms of this week's Thematic theme for a bit. While it's officially "in another city", the photo below is close enough to the city of Calgary that I'm calling it in-scope.

And because I really like this shot. The foothills that lead up to - or away from, depending on which direction you're going - the Canadian Rockies are endlessly spectacular, and quite addictive when you're sitting in a plane with little else to do.

There's method to my apparent photographic madness: It's been a week of misery here at Levyland West, with all of us spending more time than we'd dare admit huddled in cold sweats under the comforters as we waited for good health to return.

We're still waiting, but now that I'm at least ambulatory enough to sit at a keyboard and once again spit out more or less completed sentences with my fingertips*, I thought I'd pull some neat-looking photos out of the archives and share them for no other reason than they make me smile.

Your turn: Something that makes you smile. Aaaaand...go!

* My high school English teacher will likely, and violently, disagree that these sentences are remotely complete or proper. She's always free to leave a comment, of course.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

And because I really like this shot.

That's a great excuse, I use it too!