Friday, January 10, 2014

I've been mugged

Drink up, then talk
London, ON
August 2013

Thematic. Favorites. Here.
For a whole lot of reasons, I find myself hovering over touchstones a little more closely and thoughtfully these days. Little things aren't little in the overall scheme of things. They matter. A lot. And we do our souls lots of favors by taking the time to linger over them a little.

Today's Exhibit A is a simple mug. My mug. The mug that some really kind folks at CTV London scaffed from a cupboard, stuck a label on it and called it mine. It sits in a little nook in the studio and I use it every time I come in for an interview.

I had been away for a few months, so when I got my first call for a hit*, I was pleasantly surprised - okay, touched - when I wandered into the darkened space and realized my mug, makeup (don't laugh), earpiece and various doodads that I use for interviews there were still sitting in the little nook.

* Hit = television interview. Not sure why they call it a "hit", but it takes fewer syllables and it sounds neat. So it sticks.

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