Friday, April 18, 2014

Chew on this...

Snack time
London, ON
April 2014
Thematic. Hungry. Here.
The puffy confections you see here are known as Forgotten Kisses. My late mother-in-law taught my wife to make these, and that's what she called them. So the name stuck.

I can't quite explain what they taste like beyond light and airy, with little bits of chocolate in 'em. Nutritious? Not even close. But as a rare treat from my wife's kitchen, they're a reminder that foods that have, ah, less than ideal nutritional makeup can be just as healthy for you as anything you'd get in the fruit-and-vegetable aisle.

Because the soul needs nourishing, too. And who better to make it happen than your mom?

Your turn: What was the most special dish from your childhood?


kenju said...

There were too many to name, but chicken and dumplings was one. I like sweets, but I'll always choose other foods over them. My mom's chicken gravy (with fried chicken and mashed potatoes) was legendary. I never learned to make that gravy, and I would so love to eat some again.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Meringue with chocolate chips? If my guess is right, wow!... nice piece of history passed down... As far as family faves- too many to list... My Grandfather's corn fritters w/maple syrup drizzled reminds me of him... My Grandma's mac and cheese, which she taught to me- is definitely her... They made everything from scratch- no mixes or shortcuts..

darlin said...

Oh yummm, these kisses look absolutely delicious and you're so right, the soul also needs nourishing.

Foods from my childhood? That's a good question, we grew up very poor and a meal was a blessing sometimes, other than macaroni or oatmeal which we always seemed to have on hand, today I won't eat neither too very often. I'm going to say maybe that pot that was on my grandmothers stove, it was always a surprise and always tasty. And from my Babau's kitchen, I think it was the jam-jam cookies. I know without a doubt my children would say homemade perogies, we still carry on with this tradition and I hope it continues on with mine.

I just remembered, it was my Aunt Glady's strawberry patch and fresh cream, now that was a treat!

Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter Carmi.

sisterAE said...

So many foods take me back but today I am thinking about the cinnamon and sugar roll- up treats my grandma and great aunt made with the scraps of pie crust. Once in a while I will make them myself and everything from the rolling, to spreading the butter, to the sprinkling, to the agonizing wait until they are cool enough to eat makes me remember a time when my line-of-sight was tabletop height.