Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jim Flaherty has passed away

Canada is an interesting place. Our celebrity culture doesn't tend to revolve around spray-tanned entertainers. Instead, we revere hockey players, songwriters, authors, and politicians.

On that last one, we may despise an individual's particular spectrum of political beliefs, but we always find a way to admire the conviction and passion that the individual brings to the table. It's why Members of Parliament can battle - often physically - on the floor of the House of Commons, yet somehow come together when the universe dictates humanity.

Sadly, they'll be coming together sooner than anyone had hoped. Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty died today at the age of 64. He resigned his post and resigned from politics less than a month ago, and was replaced by Joe Oliver. He had been Finance Minister for eight years, an eternity in this role, and managed to pilot the country through the worst of the recession with a fairly steady hand. I was privileged to follow his career, and wrote often about him, his policies, and their impact on the tech space.

Mr. Flaherty represented the Conservatives, and whether you "got" his political leanings or not, he was a leader who managed to keep everything in balance when leaders around the world were seemingly losing their grasp.

He'll be missed, and may his memory influence others to pursue the steady, righteous course.

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