Monday, April 14, 2014

Someone at US Airways is getting fired...

...or has already been fired.

This after someone with access to the airline's Twitter account tweeted a lewd photo this afternoon in response to a customer complaint. The customer started the ball rolling by tweeting this at the airline: "You ruined my spring break, I want some free stuff." And the airline responded with, let's not mince words, porn.

I won't link to the pic because it's highly NSFW, involving a woman doing something with a model plane that no model plane should ever have to endure. But I'm guessing it's still floating around Google's index. And probably will be forever. Add another chapter to my ever-lengthening manual of things I wish I never had to explain to my kids, but now have to.

Social media's ability to turn a small chunk of data into an immediate viral sensation is well known. So is its ability to ruin a career with one finger on a touchscreen or click of a mouse. Good times.

After another day chasing Heartbleed fallout, it was nice to end the day with a much-needed laugh. Well, at least we're laughing. Can't say the same for whoever was running the airline's Twitter account today.

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Unknown said...

I saw something about this on the CNN blog.

Tabor said...

Ah must think before they link or send or tweet.