Friday, April 04, 2014

Time with our Starbucks girl

A brief moment in time
London, ON
March 2014
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I'm somewhat ambivalent on the whole Starbucks thing. Point blank, I think their pricing is ridiculous, as is the overall level of pretension they bring to what was once a simple cup of coffee. I've got to give them credit, though, for building a premium brand around something so basic, and for convincing legions of fans around the world to pay for the privilege of being in their not-so-exclusive club.

Yet here I am, munching on a lemon poppy loaf, and drinking tea with our daughter and my out-of-frame wife (she's just off to the left. Say hi.) What gives?

Well, first of all, the little lady loves Starbucks. So on those fleeting opportunities when we get to put life on pause and spend some quiet time together, this is a great place to do just that. She likes it here, and if she likes it, then we like it, too. Second, there's something to be said for the way these places have become modern meeting places of sorts. Old villages had their town halls, squares and cafes, and the modern urban landscape has Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

The cynics among us might call it cookie-cutter and over-marketed, and to a certain extent they might be right. But if it gets me a quiet few minutes with my two favorite ladies, then I think it's safe to leave the existential discussions for another day. For now, there's togetherness to be had.

Your turn: Your favorite drink...and...go!

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

Venti, non-fat chai latte... and I do have a Starbuck's card... which I reload once in a blue moon... The chai latte I now make at home w/Trader Joe's Oregon Chai with Non Fat unsweetened soy milk... Starbucks is great if you're traveling... I wouldn't put much blame on the company... after all if they didn't have the following, they wouldn't be in business...
:-) btw. the lemon loaf was discontinued in the states (along w/other loaf items) because of their expansion on other foods.. just read that they're bringing the loaves back. That loaf in my opinion was a bit pricey... My son however loves their sandwiches.