Thursday, November 26, 2015

9 volt extravaganza

No tongues, please
London, ON
November 2014
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The 9 volt battery is more than just a source of power. It's a relic of an earlier, simpler time, when electronic gadgets weren't Internet-connected, weren't wireless, and didn't plug into the wall to recharge.

As the world around this iconic technology has radically redefined itself, we find ourselves heading to the store to restock less and less frequently. Which I'm sure the landfills of the world appreciate. Sooner or later, even smoke alarms will have to move on to an alternative source of juice.

Which makes coming across a bunch of them something of a trip through time. Like videotapes and CDs, I'm not sure how much longer these batteries will be around. But for as long as they are, I'll keep coming back to them with a camera.

Your turn: Do you have a battery memory? Mine is getting them for free with Radio Shack's Battery of the Month Club (that seriously dates me, I fear.) What's yours?

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I remember all sorts of batteries.

But currently, one of the many remotes required to run the television system here (ironically, we just have antenna access, like in the old days, to about 7 channels) needs AAAs. And where are they? I KNOW there was a big pack on this table the last time I was here!