Sunday, November 29, 2015

Can you stay safe on Cyber Monday

I've spent a lot of energy over the last week discussing online security. No surprise, as Cyber Monday - the biggest online shopping day of the year - looms tomorrow, and hackers are already licking their chops at the prospect of millions of unprepared potential victims scouring the Internet for deals on cheap smartphones and neighbor-annoying drones.

Just as it is with drunk driving, safe sex and safe social media practices, keeping yourself on the happy side of the equation is actually pretty simple. Yet countless folks continue to get themselves into trouble by ignoring what most rational-thinking people had figured out long ago.

I did an interview with CTV's Canada AM on Friday morning to run through the key things we need to keep in mind before we grab a device and prowl the virtual shopping aisles. The interview with Beverly Thomson is here (and on YouTube), and the news team published a tips and tricks page here, as well.

Your turn: Do you find all this holiday shopping - online and off - just a little much? Why/why not?

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

Yes, I do find it a bit much.. its all a ploy to get folks revved up to buy or (supposedly) lose out... I did all my shopping before Cyber Monday... the deals were comparable ( minus the $149 tv that seems to be a male favorite), no lines, and pushy people...
btw, I notice the rudeness a few days before Thanksgiving... unbelievable, the impatience and entitlement people assume.