Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wireless society? Not so much.

London, ON
November 2015
This isn't technically "electricity" (see here for more on that), but I figure data cables are close enough that I can get away with it.

Do you ever stop what you're doing to look more closely into the dusty corners of whatever room you happen to be in? We tend to notice the obvious parts, but the shadowy backgrounds are often ignored, tuned out because rats nests of cables, power bars, outlets all tucked out of the way don't seem to merit a second look.

But I'd like to suggest - politely, of course, because I'm Canadian - that an occasional second, or ever a third, look is absolutely worth it. Because without the exquisitely laid out tray of Ethernet cable that you see here, the entire business it supports would have no way of keeping information flowing and people connected.

So it's still shadowy and dusty. But no less important.

And if you see me skulking, alone, around the corner of the room, now you'll know why. Feel free to join me.

Your turn: What do you see, right now, when you stare into the corner or the background. And....go!

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Unknown said...

Carmi: Over here on my end I see a multitude of cables and adapters owing to the older equipment such as stereo. On the laptop, not much. Just clean and rational Ethernet and power plug. :)