Sunday, November 08, 2015

After the colors have disappeared

It had been a few weeks since our daughter and I had last been here. On that earlier visit, the sun was out and the trees seemed to be on fire with autumn color. It was easy to find something - or many somethings - worth shooting, and we came home with memory cards bursting with all sorts of leafy eye candy.

We decided to revisit the valley yesterday, and the day couldn't have been more different. The skies were a monotonous shade of grey that lit the landscape with barely any sense of visual energy. Not that the landscape had much energy to begin with, as the bright reds, oranges and yellows from last month had been replaced by nearly-bare stretches of grey branches and the occasional scraggly clump of mottled brown leaves.

It was clear we'd have to look a little harder for the eye candy. And it didn't take long for Dahlia to adjust her sights and find the beauty lurking in  forest anyone else would have long ago stopped admiring. She's different in so many ways, and we can always count on her to see the world around her through a unique lens.

Your turn: Your next photo will be of...what? Bonus points if you post a link to it.


Tabor said...

Oh my dear, the hair!! Such gorgeous hair!!!

Common Household Mom said...

Our fall colors here in Western PA are rapidly disappearing, too. I am going to take it as a fun challenge to find the photographic points of interest out there now!

My next photo is likely to be of my refrigerator, so that I can brag on my blog about how I cleaned it out. But right now I have to take the car to get an estimate (my husband hit a deer - husband is fine, don't know about the deer, car is driveable but damaged) so unfortunately the camera is not coming out of its bag for a while.

Unknown said...

Such a nice photo, Carmi. Regrettably, my camera was stolen this year. But I managed a photo with my iPhone over at my site. The seasons are amazing!

21 Wits said...

Okay I expect bonus points because I'm linking photos here from my very own backyard this morning! Fun assignment! Thanks. Here's mine