Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tonight on CTV News Channel, tech's role in terrorism

Every Sunday evening, I join CTV News Channel's Scott Laurie at around 8:15 pm for a segment, Clicked In. We choose two or three notable tech topics from the week that was, and dissect them as best we can.

It's a highlight of my week, as I get to work with a tremendously gifted team of producers to shape what we'll talk about and how we'll approach it.

Normally, we finalize the lineup a couple of days before air, which gives the team enough time to pull any related videos and build any necessary packages well before we go live. It's one of the luxuries of talking about technology: it isn't hard news, so you get to plan ahead a bit.

But sometimes, the news cycle dictates otherwise, and you've got to shift gears. In the wake of the attacks in Paris, Beirut and Kenya, it didn't seem appropriate to continue with the original lineup.

So we're going to focus on technology's role in the Paris attacks, namely how telecoms are learning from mass casualty events, the fast-changing role of social media platforms in bringing help to those who need it, law enforcement's expanding capacity in tracking perpetrators, bringing them to justice, and identifying future attacks long before they actually happen.

The issues are very real, very complex, and very close to home for us all, no matter where we live. And as much as these events have pained us all, I'm looking forward to tonight's segment. Hope you can tune in.

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Unknown said...

Carmi: You have an important role to play in organizing this broadcast so that others like me can learn and, hopefully, glean some semblance of hope.