Sunday, January 17, 2021

Calli the ice-hunting dog

Geometry at our feet
London, ON
January 2021
This photo originally shared on Instagram

There’s a reason I’ve been bringing home more than my fair share of abstract ice pics from the sidewalks and driveways of our neighborhood.

Our dog.

Calli the Wonderschnauzer walks with her robotic nose practically buried in the ground before her. What she’s sniffing for I do not know. But ohmygod can she can get into trouble in a blink, and I stopped counting how many things - some identifiable, and some, ah, not - I’ve pried from her mouth.

So walking her is an exercise in vigilance, watching her every move to ensure she doesn’t hoover something that might do her harm. It can be stressful, especially on the early morning walks before the coffee has kicked in.

The flip side of a bonkers puppy is an innate awareness of every subtle nuance at our feet. Rough pavement, cracks in the sidewalk, gnarly tree roots....I have become the Google Maps of neighborhood dog walkers.

So when puddles form after a major melt-off, then freeze overnight because, well, Canada, some spontaneous photography is called for. And thanks to my helpful assistant, we know exactly where to look.

While she may very well be an annoying pain most mornings, she knows what to do when the camera comes out. And she works for treats.

Good dog.

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