Sunday, April 25, 2021

Red grocery carts in the abstract

Get a handle on this
London, ON
July 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram

This photo was taken in July 2019. We've changed significantly since then, so much so that I wouldn't take a photo like this today.

Whereas back then we could once linger over the rows of neatly arranged red grocery carts and take our sweet time choosing one without a stuck front wheel - or, taking a stupid picture of them - we now grab what we need and get on with the full-combat-business of grocery shopping during a pandemic.

While I'm still shooting photos along the way, it's a much more rushed process, without the kind of go-lucky wandering that used to mark shopping trips of yore. The world's a different, angrier place now, and if street photography is to happen at all, it's best that it's quick and subtle.

Meanwhile I'm still perpetually stuck with the loser cart. Perhaps it's the price I pay for all those years of breaking the photographic rules in the banana section.

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