Monday, January 17, 2022

Back to school. Sort of.

Life at the threshold
London, ON
January 2022
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Millions of kids in Ontario are returning to class this morning.

To be frank, our provincial government doesn’t have a clue. Fun fact: throughout the pandemic, the province has kept kids home more days than any other North American jurisdiction.

And once we’re piling on, the feds aren’t any better. But this isn’t about politics.

My wife is a teacher, and I joined her yesterday as she got her classroom ready yet again. We’ve been here before, carting her stuff back as she transitions yet again from remote to in-class teaching.

As the clock ticks down to these doors being thrown open, debate rages. Parents fret over what the right choices are. Kids try to shift gears amid a landscape they neither control nor understand. Educators move heaven and earth to keep kids learning despite the challenges. Critics on all sides of the issue miss no opportunity to criticize.

So wherever you may find yourself in this impossibly chaotic mess of politics, community, parenthood, childhood, life, whatever, please give yourself and those around you a break. We’re all just trying to muddle our way through despite checked-out politicians, ignorant populations, and unpredictable variants. There is no ideal path.

And whether or not you and/or your kids will be walking through doors like these today or any day, we’re all simply doing the best we can.

And some days are harder than others. In school. Anywhere.

Please keep this in mind. Please lead with kindness.

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