Sunday, January 30, 2022

Where Falcon sticks the landing

Where rockets return to the planet
Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean
January 2022
This screen grab from the SpaceX feed was originally shared on Instagram

The bad news: the SpaceX video feed of the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket landing on one of its drone ships (A Shortfall of Gravitas, in this case) off the Florida coast often goes wonky as the booster approaches landing.

It's easy to see why: it's a freaking rocket. Stuff happens. And until the dust clears, it usually means a messy, pixelated mess for those of us watching from home.

The good news: it looks like impressionist art. And landing a rocket on a drone ship in the middle of the ocean is nothing short of an engineering miracle. That we get to witness it at all, on any device, anywhere, is quite the pinch-me-now moment.

The lesson, I think, is a simple one: what matters isn't what happens around us. It's how we choose to perceive it.

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