Thursday, January 20, 2022

The things we see in public washrooms

The mysteries of strangers
Trenton, ON
June 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Every photo has a back-story. This one is no different.

It's June 2019. We’re driving to Montreal for my father-in-law's funeral. Highway 401 is a lousy drive on the best of days, and even worse on this one.

We stop in at an OnRoute location to refuel ourselves and our vehicle, and I come across this bizarro scene in the washroom. In my sleep-addled, grief-overwhelmed state, I stand there for what seems an eternity and wonder why on earth anyone would bring a bottle of water into the toilet stall and just...leave it there. I have so many questions.

Eventually I decide I don't have an answer, and probably never will. But I figure it's worth remembering with a photo. Because in my strange world, most things are worth remembering with a photo, even if they make no sense to me or anyone else.

The archives probably have some more weird scenes and stories buried within them, all just waiting for days when I look for inspiration in the places I've been, and the oddball stories that presented themselves to me at the time.

What's your oddball story? Whatever it is, I hope you also take some time to photo-archive-dive. I hear it's good for the soul.

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