Friday, January 07, 2022

The 10-year-old wave

Washed away
Delray Beach, FL
January 2012
This photo originally shared on Instagram

Whenever I'm feeling melancholy - which, to be blunt, is often these days - I pop open my photo archives and go back in time.

Sometimes I'll focus on specific milestones, like 10 years ago today.

Which explains why you're looking at a wave mere milliseconds before it ceases to exist as it breaks on the Delray Beach shore. I'm a bit obsessed with waves for reasons that make even less sense to me than they probably make to you.

It's a very Zen thing to stand amid the breaking waves with a lens trained on the churning, foamy, ever-changing surface. You hear and feel the pounding surf and the swirling winds, and you can probably taste the salt in the air, too, as the death-cheating gulls fly frantically mere inches above the roiled waters.

Your brain races as it tries to capture something, anything amid the chaos. It's an insanely fun state to just get lost in. You. The camera. Nature. That's it.

I do this every time we come to this place. Or any other beach-like spot where land ends and water begins, that magical place where worlds collide and the everyday gets put on pause while kids play in the water and adults pretend to be just like them.

We'll get back here eventually, and while the waves and the wind and the screaming gulls will still be there, I probably won't be able to capture this particular scene again. Because randomness only occurs once in a lifetime.

Still, I'm sure whatever I do capture will be just as worthy of reflection later on. A different random, then.

May we all be so lucky to be gifted the time to appreciate it.

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