Friday, May 13, 2005

Cool site of the day - ads etc.

A colleague sent me a link to a cool site, Topix. It uses a pretty freaky interface that may or may not blow up in your face if you're not using a pretty recent browser with all the Javascript goodies enabled.

Your challenge: visit the site, enjoy the experience, then pop back here and let everyone know what you think - how it works, how it navigates, how it feels. Also see if you can find the Pillsbury Doughboy/Got Milk spot. Very cute stuff!


Jamie Dawn said...

That site rocks!! I loved clicking on the pics and seeing the ads. I am sending this link to my daughter; she'll love it.
I will check it more when I have time.
We are leaving to see a sneek preview of the new Star Wars movie. Hooray!!!!!

jadedprimadonna said...

Very nice! I would love to learn how to do that. In the meantime, I'm amazed by creating minimal animation in Flash, where things just appear or fade away, LOL!

Moogie said...

Now that was a cool site. :) Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. I need to go back over there and look at it when I have some more time.

JJ said...

You're right about that Got Milk spot. Funny stuff.

Wheelson said...

Yes the site is cool. Sometimes the "guess what this link is" sort of pages annoy me, but when browsing stuff that you don't know what any of it is, it makes it sort of fun.

There's also a part of me that wants to keep sites on the net simpler rather than turn them into a medium to distribute software (this add is a java app distributed via the net essentially).

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I like these for arty ad houses, but I would hate to see this level of complexity (complexity of implementation, not the content) become the norm.

Oh, and it's so nice to have the comments back on.

Mark A. Rayner said...

I think I'll build on the previous post; while this kind of stuff can be cool, I'd rather not see it become the norm either.

My browser (Firefox, latest version) didn't blow up, but I couldn't see the media files. I also couldn't just click on the back button to return your page. So, I definitely failed the "enjoy this" part of the challenge. :)

mrsmogul said...

I didnt see the pillsbury dough boy! I gotta get back to the link again

Carmi said...

I hear you both, Wheelson and Mark. I think web design has evolved in a needlessly complex direction, rendering most sites so hopelessly in love with their own technology that they forget the simple rules of layout and navigation.

Still, when I wacky site like this comes along, I like to toss it out there and see what everyone thinks. Because the truly worthy ones are so few and far between, it's pretty rare when I actually do so.

Hey, maybe I'll re-do Written Inc. in that style!

OK, maybe not :)

Lynda said...

Now that was big fun, and the Pillsbury Doughboy ad was really cute. I liked the M&M's, too.

Suzanne said...

I use firefox and it worked perfectly! It's a very cool site, and I don't have a problem with high tech sites fact I really like them better.
I will say however, that I wasn't sure what the site was all about at first, so it should have more of a first impression statement I think. But all in all...Really really cool.