Friday, May 06, 2005

A family, destroyed

The Detroit Free Press ran this article in yesterday's paper, Swerving SUV wipes out promising lives, and this in today's edition: Man charged with murder in car crash. A mother and her two young sons were killed when a man whose alcohol was tested at 0.43 (no, that's not a typo) drove his SUV at 70 mph into the family's Honda. He didn't brake; just ploughed into them and ended three lives in the process.

The tragedy has left a husband and a father wondering why - his life and his world shattered.

I can't begin to understand what motivates people to drink and drive. But I have written about it in the past, that every time I kiss my wife and kids goodbye as they drive to school in the morning, I worry about what someone like the now-charged drunk in Michigan might do to them.

I have no words. Only a deep-seated anger against the people who commit these monstrous crimes, and the laxness of society that allows the carnage to continue. I only hope there is justice beyond this world, for nothing the State of Michigan can dole out will ever reconcile what this man did to this family.

Update 05/07/05: Media outlets in the Detroit area continue to run followups to this tragic story. I'll post them here as applicable:
Update 05/08/05: And more...


mommy d said...
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mommy d said...

This story is so sad and sickening! My sister works at a drug/alcohol rehab center in Michigan and said their check ins have gone up immensely. I guess if anything that is a positive in this story!