Thursday, May 26, 2005

Quoted - on Microsoft

Attention: slightly geeky entry ahead.

Cool things continue to happen in my writer's world: I've been busy with press releases at work this week. I've written and released another one, and because it's about Microsoft, it's getting a bit of attention.

It's entitled VoIP Strategy Positions Microsoft to Compete in Telecom Market, Says IT Analyst Firm.

I'll post updates on fallout here:
  • CFRA News Radio in Ottawa, Ontario just did an interview with me, and it will be on their CFRA Business@Night show between 6 and 7 p.m. (Eastern) tonight. The MP3 of the show will be downloadable from the site afterward.
  • 7:00 p.m.: I just finished listening to the interview via streaming audio on my laptop. My Mom was on the phone - an interesting use of different communication technologies to bridge the distance. You can download the MP3 of the interview here. Scroll down to the entry entitled Biz @ Nite - Int. w/ Carmi Levy.
  • 7:30 p.m.: Tom's Hardware is leading with this story, Microsoft may enter VoIP telecom market - analyst.
May 27, 12:45 p.m.: News travels fast, and far: Telecom Paper in the Netherlands has picked up the release and is running it under the following headline: Microsoft MSS 2004 R2 to help penetrate VoIP market. Problem is, the site is subscription-only. But hey, the Netherlands! May 28
May 30, 7:35 a.m. - More links keep coming in...
May 31, 8:05 a.m.
June 1
  • Telecom Redux. Headline: More on Microsoft VoIP plans. This article is somewhat analytical in tone, and affirms Info-Tech's position relative to that of IDC. The PDF is available here. Here's the intro:
    • Second analyst says software giant is on the move. Watch out telcos...
    • A second industry analyst company is backing the recent finding by IDC that Microsoft is gearing up for a major push into emerging voice over IP (VoIP) markets. This time, though, the software leviathan is cast as a telco competitor rather than collaborator.
  • N24 (Germany).
  • (from China, I think.)
June 2
  • (Chinese? Can you read this?) ...Info-Tech高级研究员Carmi Levy认为,微软SharePoint升级版和即将发布的...
  • Computerworld Hungary. Headline: Távközlés: Óvakodj a Microsoft-tól!
  • (Germany). Headline: Microsoft mischt im VoIP-Markt mit
June 3
And Beyond...


Musing said...

Congrats, Carmi! When you're a household word, will you remember us little people? :-)

Carmi said...

Always, Jeannette. I'm not sure how "big" all of this will ever get, but I don't ever see myself losing perspective to the point that I insist on having the brown M&Ms removed.

Jamie said...

But brown M&M's just aren't as tasty as the green ones!

Still, I would rather other's not put their fingers all over my M&M's anyhow, I suppose I can tough it out.

Wow, such press! That must feel good!

I knew him when...

DeAnn said...

I think I'm confused about what you do. I thought you were a journalist. So why do you WRITE press releases? Aren't you supposed to receive them?

Carmi said...

Sorry for the confusion, DeAnn. I'm a freelance journalist, my primary exposure these days coming from my op-ed column in London's major broadsheet as well as a number of other freelance writing assignments.

By day, however, I'm a senior research analyst for a tech research firm. I research and write anything and everything about the technology sector.

Sometimes, I come across neat trends that I write up and release to the media. Then reporters call me and I comment on them. It's quite the hoot, since I get to play both sides of the media fence.