Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thematic Photographic 1 - Automotive

Sexy car
Toronto, ON, May 2008 [Click to enlarge]

Quick note: This is the first entry in what I hope will become a weekly feature. I'd like to call it Thematic Photographic. Here's how it works:
  1. I post a picture and a theme every Wednesday.
  2. You take that theme and post a related post on your own blog.
  3. Once you're done, leave a comment here with a link to the entry.
No voting or anything: Just an opportunity to challenge our collective photographic skills, learn from each other and have some fun in the process. Are you game? I sure hope so! Let's get on with the show, then...
About this photo: Years ago, I learned that sexy cars can make great subjects. Whenever I saw a Ferrari or some other rare set of wheels, I'd take a picture - any picture - and hope that I had done the artistically turned sheetmetal justice.

Looking back at my old photos, I clearly failed pretty much every time I tried. But why?

The answer is simple: I assumed that the sexiness was in the subject. How wrong I was. Truth is, any subject can be captured in an alluring manner if you approach it just so. But a photo isn't by definition "sexy" simply because the subject might be exotic.

I guess this is where the seeds of my so-called beauty-in-everything philosophy was born. Anything can become an incredible photo. You just have to take the time to explore its virtues before you decide how to tell its story. In this case, you'll laugh when you realize what kind of car I was shooting and how I came to be at its wheel.

Your turn: This week's theme is (I know, big surprise) Automotive. Please post an automotive-themed entry (cars, trucks, anything with motors and wheels) on your blog, then drop a link into the comments here. I hope you'll return through the week to see what everyone's been up to.


Le Butterfly said...

Cool idea. What will the theme be next week?

me said...

I actually posted this a few days ago, would this count? (It was taken via the Crackberry)

kenju said...

Yes, a cool idea, but a tall order for me. I should have photographed the Ferrari I saw close up when I did the wedding at the horse farm a month ago. It was red, of course, and I mistook it for a Mustang, since it had a horse emblem on the hood...LOL

G. Harrison said...

if the sun comes out today I'll bike to Long Point.

I stopped on one of the many bridges on county road 45 (Calton Line) last week for a photo or two on my way to Port Burwell.

I highly recommend the route to photographers.

Gord H.

Linda said...

Ah, great theme! And as it happens, I actually had a car I could share!

Nestor Family said...

I dug for something to fit the theme this time... but am looking forward to future challenges!

Christine said...

I carried my camera around on our recent vacation to Seattle taking pictures of everything. When Bubblehead asked what the heck I was taking pictures of, I told him I was hoping to catch one of those "Carmi-like" pictures. He knew exactly what I meant! :)

I'll come back and let you know when I've posted my automotive picture - What a fun summer activity your new weekly feature will be!

barbie2be said...

i guess this counts as a car entry.

Barbara said...

Since I love cars and trucks, you really caught my eye with the red side panel. Can't wait to see the rest of the car. I have a couple of pictures I've been looking for a chance to share, and this is the perfect time. So jump over to my blog for a truly unique display of the make of my truck.

Carmi, I pray for your dad's recovery.

Unknown said...

i was going to sit on the sidelines with this one but i looked around in my files and found this from last summer

have a nice wknd.. hope your Dad is doing better.

me said...

Thanks for the kind words you left Carmi. Hey in a future theme could we do "walk aways"? I have always been fascinated by pictures where the subjects are walking away from the camera. Or something really simple like "BLUE". It would be neat to see what folks came up with.