Sunday, February 07, 2010

High speed nap

Peace on the road
Jennings, GA, January 2010
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Our kids amaze me with their ability to grab 40 winks in the most unlikely places. Dahlia, in particular, seems to sleep just as well on the road as off. I'm not sure where they get it from: I've never been much of a car sleeper - ever since walking away from a fairly significant highway accident as a teen, I don't easily relax in the car when I'm a passenger. So it brings me a little pleasure knowing my kids feel comfortable enough to nod off when either of their parents takes a turn at the wheel.

When my wife drives, I like to fiddle with my camera. Most of my photography at 120 km/h (yes, she speeds, shhhh) is pretty forgettable. But sometimes, whether I'm focusing inside or outside the vehicle, I manage to snag something neat (see here, here, here and here for past examples of passenger-seat photography.) Lucky me to be surrounded by such willing and able subjects for my admittedly oddball way of looking at the world.

Your turn: What does peace mean to you?


kenju said...

The motion of a car can put me to sleep quickly, and when I am driving while tired, I have to play the radio loudly and keep the window cracked for fresh air. When I was young, I always slept in the car when my parents went on drives. It drove them crazy that I wasn't "seeing the sights".

Anonymous said...

3 things, Carmi:
1. I can rarely sleep in the car. My hubby and daughter can at the drop of a hat.
2. I'm betting that for most of us Americans, if you hadn't said "yes, she speeds", we wouldn't have readily made the conversion and never would known.
3. Please means to me - Erin, my daughter. Her name means peace. Though - she doesn't often leave me feeling peaceful. haha.

Carmi said...

Judy: At this rate, my wife and I are thankful for the occasional bout of silence in the car :)

BG: Oops, sorry about that (the Canadian in me defaults to metric a little too often for my own good.) 120 kilometers/hour is 74.6 miles/hour, which was only 4.6 mph over the posted limit on that stretch of the I-75 - not enough to cause a cop to bat an eyelash let alone haul us over.

This compares to Canadian highway limits of 100 km/h or 62 mph. As it was, we were barely keeping up with the flow in deepest, loveliest Georgia. Nutty.

(And let's not get started why my little HHR has a 200 km/h speedometer. Sigh.)

g said...

What a darling.

cactus petunia said...

Gorgeous! She certainly looks peaceful!

Mojo said...

My ability to sleep anywhere is well documented. So is my propensity for drive-by photography which is only amplified if I'm not also trying to drive the car.

And please... 120kph? That's what? 74 mph? What kind of speed limits do you have up there anyway?

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Anonymous said...

120 km/h speeding? On the highway? Pffft. Your lovely wife is perfectly in control of the car, I am sure.

I used to sleep in the car often, partially as a way to avoid motion sickness. My kids (ages 10 and up) now tend to stay awake, but if I am the front seat passenger, it is easy to be lulled to sleep on a familiar road.

That is a beautiful picture of an absolutely gorgeous child in peaceful slumber.

Nishant said...

not enough to cause a cop to bat an eyelash let alone haul us over.

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fredamans said...

Amazing how innocent our kids look when sleeping, then they wake and you lose sight of that sleeping innocent child.
Great photo!

Pamela said...

I can't sleep unless I'm ill. My husband nods off much easier than I and I worry about that when he is driving.

A good argument in the car keeps him awake.. ha ha.

I have lots of photos snapped while I was in the passenger seat.

Peace. That is when I'm breathing comfortably, the phone is quiet, and I have a good handle on my schedule for the day.

photowannabe said...

Amazing lighting on a precious face. A real prize winner Carmi.

MorahMommy said...

Excuse me Mr. Carmi...but I do not speed (A lot) It was not very nice to rat me out!! :D

MorahMommy said...

I forgot to add what an angel she is. She really is beautiful inside and out!