Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The information superhighway

Connecting us all
Williamsburg, KY, January 2009
About this photo: We're wrapping up our look at what we did on vacation as the new Thematic Photographic gets set for its debut tonight at 7:00 EST. If you're still in vacation mode, click here. If you're feeling at rest, check back after 7.
We were on our way home from Florida last year, and I had just finished shooting an abandoned gas station (see here, here and here for more photos from that shoot)* and was walking back to the van to reconnect with my family. I was in fast-shooting mode - which happens when I've got no time to compose or even think. I just shoot whatever I can, and let the photographic chips fall where they may.

There happened to be some roadwork happening on the overpass that crossed the I-75, so I grabbed a few quickies before slinging the camera back over my shoulder and heading for, if not home, then the mobile equivalent of it. Because wherever we are, vacation or not, home ultimately revolves around my wife and kids.

Your turn: I play this game with myself when I travel, wondering where everyone's going and why. you look at the highway in the distance, would you like to speculate over where these folks might be headed?

* On our way down this year, we stopped in Williamsburg again. As we got off the highway, I looked to the right and the gas station was gone for good. I smiled, happy that I had managed to save the memory.

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kenju said...

Headed home? It looks like it might have been late afternoon.

Headed home to their family; to cook a meal and settle down for the night.