Sunday, April 18, 2010

Landlocked mouse

Nowhere to row
London, ON, April 2009

I know there's a story to this, and it probably has something to do with Storybook Gardens (our city-run theme park), some humorless staffers at City Hall and a lost memo that's kept this fading piece of everyone's childhood marooned in a city depot for the better part of the past couple of years.

However Feivel the Mouse (I don't think this little fellow has a name, but I've always liked the name of the main character from An American Tail*. But I digress...) came to be here, I always feel a little sad when I pass by and see him still wedged between the seemingly discarded snow shovel blades, going nowhere. Mind you, there's something to be said for little slices of happy popping up in the most unexpected places. So perhaps in that light he's right where he belongs.

Your turn: Where's he headed? Where should he end up?

*Feivel was my grandfather's name. He died a month before the movie was released, and it was a poignantly bittersweet experience to see the movie so soon after he passed away. The character's name in the film is spelled "Fievel", but I figure it's close enough.


Cloudia said...

We have slips available here, LOL.

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Star said...

That mouse is a little foxy looking if you ask me. I collect mice (not real ones) and have a Fievel from the movie.

Veronica said...

My aunt worked as an animator for American Tail. I remember seeing the sketches on her desk. (Side note: as a young girl brought up in the country, I was NOT mentally prepared to see the original sketches for Heavy Metal).

Pamela said...

I think he's from "There are no cats in America" cartoon/movie!!

I have no idea where he's going -- his plans aren't in concrete. ha ha

David said...

it must be uncomfortable to row while sitting on one's tail

Lydia said...

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Peg Cherre said...

This photo made me smile! Yeah, when I looked at it again after reading your post, I could see how it also looks sad, but it has no memories for me so was clearly just a humorous juxtaposition.

Where should he be going? Why, to explore the world, of course! Set him safely adrift on a river for some type of fund raising event and see where he lands.

P.S. I love the P.S. you put in about your grandfather's name.