Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking for Dino Flintstone

And we thought they were extinct
London, ON, February 2010

I've discovered that animal crackers aren't for kids after all. Sure, the packaging suggests they're as kid-exclusive as the Family Channel (ha!) and Fruit Rollups (not fruit and not edible), but a cursory glance down the cracker aisle on a recent Sunday afternoon revealed adults with no kids in sight stashing bags of crackerfied animals into grocery carts stuffed with salad fixins, pasta, balsamic vinegar and other decidedly non-kid fare.

They weren't fooling anyone: The only kids destined to eat these crackers were the overgrown ones trying not to look guilty as they sidled up to the checkout aisle.

I admit I'm one of them. I bring them home because I know our munchkins stay away from them - animal lovers, perhaps? - and if I keep a couple of bags in the shadows at the back of the pantry, edible salvation will always be an arm's reach away when I'm looking to both fill my tummy and inspire my somewhat off-kilter brain. I'm just that shallow.

Your turn: I rather prefer the dinosaur-themed crackers, as I don't feel the same degree of guilt eating them as I would, say, with zoo or farm animals. Are you a secret animal cracker eater? Why/why not?


Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

No, I'm not. Although when I used to eat them occasionally when the boys were little, I was reminded how much I really like them. Somewhere along the way, I stopped buying them and forgot them. Kind of like goldfish and Cheerios.

Of course you know that the next time I'm at the store and see animal crackers, I'll have to buy a box. They really are pretty tasty without the guilt of so many other snacks.

Carina said...

I had a friend who used to eat all the heads first. When she had a little pile of decapitated animal bodies, then she start to work on the rest.

Who knows? Animal crackers are just inspiring!

Carol said...

I remember animal crackers as a kid... they were packaged in these cute little boxes and they had a handle... I loved them. They taste something like social tea biscuits, I think.... which is what I nibble on now if I get a hunger pang. Now I will probably look for animal crackers when I do groceries tomorrow.... :)

srp said...

I read this post earlier but had some errands to run. Of course, all afternoon I have been humming.. "Animal Crackers In My Soup"... thanks, Carmi! :)

SJ said...

Why feel guilty? I say to enjoy! I am not crazy about them, but occasionally I do snack on them with my middle son (now 2), who can't get enough of them. We buy them in bulk. Proof: