Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Years of experience

If these rings could talk
London, ON, March 2009
Quick note: This photo winds down our "In memory of trees" week (click here if you'd still like to contribute.) I'll be posting the theme for the upcoming week of Thematic Photographic tonight at 7 p.m. Eastern. What will it be? Not sure yet. What would you like it to be? I'm taking suggestions all day in comments below.
Old trees never fail to make me stop and think. I wonder what the world around them must have been like when they were young, and if folks like me often stopped nearby to wonder about issues bigger than them. I imagine the stories these trees could tell, and the lessons we could learn if only we had the ability to listen.

Maybe we do.

Your turn: What story does this tree tell you?


Janis said...

If only trees could talk...what stories we would hear. Suggestion for next week..perhaps something pertaining to spring or texture or color. Since I am new may have already done the above. I enjoy your blog and will be participating as much as I can.

fredamans said...

I can hear how wise it is, and how much time it has weathered. Fantastic shot!

Short Poems said...

I enjoy your blog here, very much :)


Meredith said...

Lovely post! I do try to listen to the trees, and I think they talk, although not in any human language. ;) Often I'll have a favorite grandfather tree wherever I live, and it amazed me to realize, at the last place I lived, that "my" tree was old enough to have been around during the Civil War!